Minutes from the October General Meeting

 D.P.A.C. Meeting Minutes 

Monday, October 28, 2019 

Burnaby Central Secondary School 

6011 Deer Lake Parkway Burnaby, BC V5G 0A9 

1. Welcome and Introductions, (Laura Ward, DPAC Chair

DPAC representatives were welcomed, and DPAC executive, district senior administrative staff, and trustees present were introduced. 

2. Treasurers 101, Ishver Khunguray, Assistant Secretary Treasurer 

 Discussed in a PowerPoint presentation a detailed overview of what being a treasurer is all about. Topic up for discussion are as follows: 

Financial Reporting 

Purchases thru the district 

How records are kept 

School CashOnline 

3. Break: 

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Substance Abuse and Vaping: Parent Info Night

What we say and how we talk about Substance use matters…

Build your knowledge and confidence in speaking with your child about vaping, drug and alcohol use…

In this session we will focus on:

  • Current substance use trends. Societal and media influences around substance use. What you should know about substance use and the law.
  • How to talk with your child about the substance they may be exposed to as they get older
  • How to respond to a child who is exposed to peer substance use, experimenting with use or is struggling with substance use. Helping your signs of an overdose and how to respond.
  • Increasing your confidence, competence and comfort level in discussing drugs and alcohol with your child.
  • The importance of decreasing stigma when talking about substance use and addiction.

Presentation will be facilitated by:
Odyssey Substance Use Services
Fraser Health – Public Health Nurse
RCMP – Youth Investigation Team
Burnaby School District – Safe and District Counsellor