Making Quality Decisions

Successful PACs make Quality Decisions that reflect the requirements of the greater school community.

How should a PAC make a decision?  How do you include parents who do not attend PAC meetings?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Send background information regarding an upcoming discussion or decision with the agenda a week before the meeting.
  • If your PAC is facing a major decision, send the wording of the proposed motion with the agenda
  • Encourage members who cannot attend the meeting to send their comments or concerns to the Chair to be brought forward on their behalf during discussion.
  • Foster a culture at your PAC meetings where differing opinions are welcomed.  Final decisions will be more reflective of the whole school community when authentic discussion happens and varying opinions are taken into consideration.
  • Consider the three basic types of decision making – consensus, majority-based or autocratic – and determine which type is most suitable for the decision at hand.  (For more detailed information  on types of decision making go here.)


BCCPAC Leadership Manual: Tab 9: Decision Making for PACs,DPACs and SPCs