Effective Communication

Why do we want to communicate?

To communicate effectively, we need to understand why we want to communicate—What are we trying to achieve through communication? Communication helps us ƒ build relationships and understanding among our members, education partners, and the community ƒ demonstrate to our members and others the value and importance of what we are doing ƒ mobilize our members and others to join us in bringing about positive change for students.

What do we want to communicate?

We need to be clear about our key messages. What do we want our members and others to know? Different types of information can be communicated in different ways, and often the method of communication determines how well the message is received and understood. Important information includes ƒ the purposes and goals of the council

  • Why does it exist?
  • Why would a parent want to become involved? ƒ
  • What does the council do day-to-day, month-to-month?
  • events
  • meetings
  • services

Excerpt from the BCCPAC Leadership Manual