Common Acronyms

AGM: Annual General Meeting

BAA: Board Authority Authorized

BCCPAC: British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils

BCPSEA:  British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association

BCSSA: British Columbia School Superintendents Association

BCSTA: British Columbia School Trustees’ Association

BCTF: British Columbia Teachers’ Federation

BPVPA:  Burnaby Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association

BTA:  Burnaby Teachers’ Association

DL: Distributed (Distance) Learning

DPAC: District Parent Advisory Council

EA: Educational Assistant

ESL/ELL: English as a Second Language or English Language Learner

FSA: Foundation Skills Assessment

FTE: Full time equivalent

IEP: Individual Education Plan

IRP: Integrated Resource Package

LD: Learning Disability

MACC: Multi Aged Cluster Class

MOE: Ministry of Education

PEN: Personal Education Number

PAC: Parent Advisory Council

SD 41:  School District #41 Burnaby

SLP:  Student Learning Plan

SPC: School Planning Council

TOC: Teacher-on-Call