October 2016 Minutes

DPAC 17-10-2016 General Meeting Minutes

Burnaby D.P.A.C. Meeting Minutes


Burnaby Central Secondary School
Room A206 – 6011 Deer Lake Parkway
Burnaby, B.C.
DATE: October 17, 2016
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Schools by Zone:

Brentwood North: Burnaby North, Aubrey, Brentwood Park, Capitol Hill, Kitchener, Parkcrest, Westridge

Cariboo Lougheed: Burnaby Mountain, Cariboo Hill, Cameron, Lyndhurst, Seaforth, Second Street, Stoney Creek, Twelfth Avenue, University Highlands

Central West: Burnaby Central, Moscrop, Brantford, Buckingham, Cascade Heights, Douglas Road, Gilpin, Marlborough

Kingsway South: Burnaby South, Byrne Creek, Edmonds, Maywood, Taylor Park

District Staff:

Gina Niccoli-Moen, Superintendent

Roberto Bombelli, Assistant Superintendent

Heather Hart, Assistant Superintendent

Sue Dorey, Manager – Safe and Caring Schools

Tim Wozney, Vice Principal – Moscrop Secondary

Board of Education:

In attendance: Ron Burton, Chair (Central West); Mei Ling Chia (Brentwood North); Larry Hayes (Cariboo Lougheed); Baljinder Narang (Kingsway South); Gary Wong (Kingsway South)

Regrets: Ron Burton, Chair (Central West); Harman Pandher, Vice Chair (Central West); Katrina Chen (Brentwood North)

DPAC Executive:

Kristin Schnider, Chair (Cariboo Lougheed)

Jocelyn Schonekess, Vice Chair (Central West)

Herman Louie, Treasurer (Central West)

Shams Chowdhury, Secretary (Kingsway South)

Jen Mezei, Past Chair (Cariboo Lougheed)

Stace Dayment, Member at Large (Brentwood North)

Dave Dye, Member at Large (Cariboo Lougheed)

Gadis Setaiputri, Member at Large (Central West)

Calvin Taplay, Member at Large (Brentwood North)

1.  Welcome and Introductions: Kristin Schnider, DPAC Chair 7:04 pm

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm. Parent representatives were welcomed and District Staff, Board of Education, and DPAC Executives members were introduced.
  • 4 plants donated by Growing Smiles Fundraising, one of the vendors at the DPAC vendor fair on October 4, were given away as door prizes to attendees.

2.  Presentation “What Parents Need to Know to Prepare for an Emergency” Meredith Hill, Disaster and Emergency Management, City of Burnaby

Key Presentation Points

  • The presentation centred around 3 easy steps to guide Burnaby families towards becoming more prepared for disasters or emergencies.

Step 1 – Learn the Risks:

Step 2 – Make a Plan:

Step 3 – Get a Kit:

  • Buy a ready made commercial kit or create one with your family. Kits are generally 2 types – Grab & Go, or Stay in Place (food, water, larger tools).
  • Home Kit: https://www.burnaby.ca/Assets/Basic+Home+Emergency+Supplies+Handout.pdf
  • Pet’s Kit: https://www.burnaby.ca/Assets/Basic+Pet+Emergency+Supplies+Handout.pdf
  • Be Safe at Home: Have a working smoke detector, ABC fire extinguisher (recommend taking a course on how to use it), know how to turn off utilities.
  • Attendees were encouraged to sign up at www.shakeoutbc.ca to participate in the drill on Thursday, October 20, at 10:20 am. In an earthquake – drop, cover, hold on! It is usually not the shaking itself, but the moving objects that can cause the most injury.
  • Other full length Community Emergency Preparedness Presentations this fall:
    • Wednesday, October 19 at Stoney Creek Community School, 6 pm
    • Thursday, October 20 at City Hall Council Chambers, 6:30 pm
    • Friday, October 21 at Bonsor Centre for 55+, 1 pm
    • Monday, November 7 at Confederation Community Centre, 7 pm
    • Tuesday, November 29 at Cameron Community Centre, 7 pm
    Registration details:

3. Presentation “School District 41 and Emergency Preparedness”
Tim Wozney, VP, Moscrop, Sue Dorey, Manager, Safe and Caring Schools, Roberto Bombelli, Assistant Superintendent

See presentation “Burnaby District Emergency Response Planning” posted on the DPAC website.

  • District Emergency Preparedness Committee, currently chaired by Tim Wozney, was struck this year in January to review emergency protocols at all Burnaby schools. Evidence shows that schools well prepared for emergencies recover more quickly in the actual event of an emergency.
  • Emergency preparedness in the district has been guided by 3 main documents:
    o SD 41 Policy 3.35, passed in February 2016
    o RCMP 2014 document addressing emergency response to community incidents.
    o Ministry of Education Emergency Planning Guide
  • Emergency response is a community collaboration and the school district is aligning its incident command structure (who is in charge of what services during an emergency) and language around emergency response with provincial and federal approaches.
  • Every school is required to have a plan and has a Health & Safety Committee that organizes how the school practices emergency responses, according to the the district’s Emergency Response Staff Guidelines. The Guidelines include 5 possible responses: Evacuation, Drop-Cover-Hold On, Lockdown, Hold & Secure, and Shelter in Place. (See presentation for details.) Schools drill for each of these responses, except for Shelter in Place, which is simply keeping students indoors and is often a response to extreme weather, or a local animal sighting.
  • The cell phone use expectations in the Guidelines were emphasized – students are expected to keep phones on silent, not post to social media, and text a prescribed message to parents/guardians directing them to the district office for updates. The policy is the same across the district, and this applies to the early response to emergencies to avoid misinformation and keeping access to schools clear for emergency response teams. Note that even the media often uses the wrong terms when reporting on an emergency (e.g. lockdown vs. shelter in place).

If the emergency guidelines discourage parents from coming to the school, why does my school practice parent pick up? Pick-up is part of the release stage of the emergency response and the Guidelines are aimed at the early stages of response.

Is this new language in the school planners/communications? The district committee, having finished revamping the policy, is now turning its attention to education and training. Parents are encouraged to voice their input on what they feel is needed at their school through their administrator to the committee.

How are emergency plans funded – what is covered by the school district and what needs to be provided by the school community (possibly through fundraising)? Terry Gomez, District Health and Safety Officer, provides a basic supplies list to every school, according to the Burnaby Emergency Plan manual and this is the principal’s responsibility to maintain. The school district covers all necessary equipment costs – emergency bins, defibrillators, etc.

4. BREAK 8:04 – 8:15 pm

5. Chair Report: Kristin Schnider, DPAC Chair

a. DPAC Executive Vacancy – Kingsway South Zone

  • Please email info or chair@burnabydpac.com if you are interested in filling this role.

b. Letter from Education Minister Bernier: Request for parent input on student reporting

c. Update on Assessment Questionnaire

  • DPAC will wait for BCCPAC’s questionnaire to be released, and add Burnaby specific questions before sending out to parents.

d. PAC Constitution & By-Law Updates

  • PACs are encouraged to review their constitutions to ensure they reflect their PAC’s goals and vision. Also, PACs are reminded to check with the district, through their
    administrator/principal, that they are working with their most current constitution.
  • Some PACs have inquired about whether to remove the SPC language immediately from their constitutions. DPAC advice is to leave the language intact until the Ministry defines what process or structure will take its place.

6. DPAC Updates

Committee Reports

Special Education Advisory Committee: Jen Mezei
This committee meets 4 times a year, to address system wide issues. DPAC is currently
looking for an interested parent to be the DPAC representative on this committee. Email
info@burnabydpac.com for further information and application.

Youth & Committee Services Committee: Jocelyn Schonekess  See Appendix 1

Building & Grounds Committee: Calvin Taplay See Appendix 2.

What is the custodial enhancement program? The Ministry of Education has separated the
building funding into various categories – custodial enhancement being one of them, with
specific repairs/projects targeted by different funds. Details about what each category
covers are still being clarified.

Last school year, the budget allocated funds for custodial enhancements – what has the
money been used/targeted for? The $50k budgeted last year has been used for increased
hours at specific school sites, and for hiring an external consultant, Tom Louie, to provide a review of the current model and services and to make recommendations. The review will
take ~ 10 weeks, targeting completion at the end of November.

BCCPAC: Jen Mezei  PACs are reminded to submit membership fees by December 15th to secure their right to vote at the AGM. BCCPAC is looking for parents to run for the Board of Directors; interested parents please contact Jen Mezei for details. jenmezei@bccpac.bc.ca

7. At Our School – Show & Tell

Gilpin: Skumay project with First Nations artist in residence was a great example of the
redesigned curriculum at work – incorporating the Aboriginal story into curriculum.

Lyndhurst: Recent fun fair and pub night were both successful.

Burnaby Mountain Secondary: 250 attended the recent Internet & Social Media parent
education event on October 13; attendees highly recommend this presentation.
Next event will be “Mindfulness For Teens”, on April 25.
Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mindfulness-for-teens-tickets-27889233448

Second Street: Co-hosted a very successful Aboriginal event on October 12 with Armstrong and Cariboo Secondary. Thanks to 3 major funding partners (external), the parent-run event was able to include professional dancers, dinner, and arts and crafts.

Maywood: Annual Flea Market will take place on Saturday, November 19, 10 am – 2 pm.
Tables are available for rent (604-664-8208 to book).

Byrne Creek – United Nation’s Association in Canada (UNAC): A joint panel discussion
UNAC/SD41 was held at Byrne Creek on October 4th. A parent representative who attended highly recommends reviewing the 2 documentaries showcased at this event: “The Mask You Live In” and “Miss Representation”, available on Netflix. (Caution: graphic content)

Celebration of Life for Brian Joe: Brian Joe, a former DPAC Chair, passed away recently and his memorial service will be held on October 29, 2016 for those who are interested. Details below. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theprovince/obituary.aspx?n=brian-joe&pid=181959933&fhid=11367

8. Questions & Answers

Dave Dye asked if elementary school representatives felt there was a need for a parent
information evening (PIE) on digital use and security at the early elementary level. Parents
indicated interest in the topic; DPAC will include the topic in its PIE planning.

9. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm by Kristin Schnider.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 21, 2016 at Burnaby Central Secondary School

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