Minutes from the September 2019 General Meeting

 D.P.A.C. Meeting Minutes 

Monday, September 16, 2019 

1. Welcome and Introductions 

DPAC representatives were welcomed, and DPAC executive, district senior administrative staff, and trustees present were introduced. 

2. District Presentation: Strategic Plan 

It is constructed on what worked in the past, what needs to be improved 

upon. It will be available in the coming weeks in print form and on website. 

 Strategic Priorities consists of five parts: 

Thriving Students 

An Inclusive and Caring Community 

An Inspired Workplace 

Strengthened By Partnership 

A Modern, Safe, and Sustainable Learning Environment 

Thriving Students: 

1. Implementing a strength-based approach that would include all the needs of students 

2. Focus on careers for adult learners 

An Inclusive and Caring Community: 

1. Mental Health and well-being for all 

2. Create supportive, inclusive, and caring learning communities (rainbow crosswalk ) 

An Inspired Workplace: 

1. To develop and implement a mental health and wellness strategy to insure the well-being of every staff member 

2. Increase support to empower employees 

Strengthened By Partnership: 

1. Collaboration with community partners and input of students and families (Photo and Ministry announcement for three new playgrounds) 

2. Increase opportunity for student engagement 

A Modern, Safe, and Sustainable Learning Environment: 

1. Increase the District’s knowledge of climate Change and decrease their environmental impact 

2. Focus on Capital Projects 

3. Break: 

4. Table Top Activity: DPAC Executive Questions for General Membership 

What do You Want From DPAC This Year? 

 Parent outreach and engagement 

 DPAC Rep for special needs interest 

 Keyboarding in elementary schools 

 What is BCCPAC? 

5. DPAC Updates: Vendor Fair canceled, not enough vendors. Will have social instead. 

PAC 101 is being held on October 8th . 

6. At Our School – Show & Tell: 

 Carnival @ Suncrest: October 3rd from 3:30 to 6:30 

7. Question & Answers 

8. Next Meeting: October 21st 

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