Ministry of Education New Curriculum Site Is Now Live

A note was sent out to DPAC from the District, we wanted to publicize is here as well:


We are pleased to advise you that draft redesigned curricula for several areas are now available for review.  See:

More curricular areas will be added as they are available.  Functionality will be added to this website over time as well (e.g., viewing big ideas by grade; adding instructional examples).

We look forward to feedback from the educational community.  More information will be forthcoming regarding a variety of field review processes.

There is much more to come on curriculum, assessment, communicating student learning and graduation requirements, but you will see developments in these areas as the year progresses.

Thank you in advance for sharing this information widely in your districts and for leading these transformation efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.


Rod Allen, Superintendent of Learning and Achievement

Learning Division, Ministry of Education

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