Frequently Asked Questions from Burnaby Parents


We are compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions from Burnaby parents.  Answers from the Burnaby Teachers’ Association, Trustees and District Staff will be posted as we get them next week.

Updated 2014-09-15

Q:         Is there anything parents can do to support a speedy ending of the strike?

A:         Have your voice heard.  To contact the Minster of Education, your local MLA or the BCTF email:

Minister of Education, Peter Fassbender

MLA Kathy Corrigan, Burnaby-Deer Lake

MLA Raj Chouhan, Burnaby-Edmonds

MLA Jane Shin, Burnaby- Lougheed

MLA Richard Lee, Burnaby North

BC Teachers’ Federation, President Jim Iker


Q:         How will I know when school will be starting in Burnaby?

A:         Information on school start up will be posted on the district website at as well as at as we receive updates.


Q:         The provincial government has announced a $40/day subsidy per child if the strike continues into September. What will be the process for claiming this subsidy?

A:         Information and application for the Temporary Education Support for Parents subsidy is posted on the Ministry website


Q:         Where can I find out about day programs if the strike continues into September?

A:         There are a number of day programs available locally during the strike. Here are some links to help you on your search – this is not an endorsement of programs by DPAC.


Q:         How are students making up lost school?

A:         It has not been determined if or how students will make up lost time.


Q:         How can students prepare for a shortened school year?  Can they access online resources?

A:         Online resources can be accessed here:

For  a list of curriculum from K-Gr 9 go to

Q:         Where can I find proposals from both the BCTF and BCPSEA?

A:         For more information, go to:

BC Public School Employers’Association (BCPSEA)

BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF)

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