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Next PIE Coming Up Soon. Taking Social Emotional Learning Home

Presented by Suzanne Vardy

What do you already do, and what can you add, to develop and encourage social emotional skills with your children at home? This session will help make explicit what you are already doing at home to support and refine your child(ren)’s SEL skills. We will also discuss other ways to build on what you already do. Parental resources, such as websites and blogs, will also be shared.

February 2014 minutes

COUNCIL D.P.A.C.MEETING NOTES​ Schou Education Centre 4041 Canada Way Burnaby, B.C. DATE: ​Monday, February 24, 2014 TIME: ​​7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Schools Attending: TO BE UPDATED Brentwood North: Alpha, Confederation Park, Capitol Hill, Montecito, Sperling, Kingsway South: Burnaby South, Edmonds, Central West: Burnaby Central, Buckingham, Lakeview, Moscrop, Cascade Heights, Inman, Cariboo Lougheed: Lyndhurst, Seaforth, Stoney Creek, University Highlands District Staff: Kevin Kaardal, Superintendent of Schools; Gina Niccoli-Moen, Deputy Superintendent Board of Education Trustees and their zones: Baljinder Narang, (Kingsway South), James Wang (Central West Zone), Meiling Chia (Kingsway South) Larry Hayes (Cariboo Lougheed), Gary Wong (Brentwood North), DPAC Executive: Katherine Robertson, Chair (Central West) , Jen Mezei, Past and Vice Chair (Cariboo Lougheed), Gjoa Andrichuk, Secretary (Central West) Members at Large Dave Dye (Cariboo Lougheed), Herman Louie (Central West), Romy Bacchioni, (Kingsway South), Jocelyn Schonekess, Treasurer (Brentwood North), Kristin Schnider, Secretary (Cariboo Lougheed),. 1. District Comments on Job action Presented by: • Kevin Kaardal, Superintendent of Schools Kevin spent a few minutes telling the attendees about Bill 22 (including LIF) a replacement of previous legislation and how it was not sufficient. The 2001 agreement language is now in play. Districts are looking at that agreement and impact on designations already made for students and implications should the 2001 agreement affect the designations or not. An Appeal was filed Feb 21. Gov’t has asked for a stay until appeal is heard. Expect decision on whether stay allowed on Feb 26. 2. Pink Shirt Day Presentation: Presented by: • Travis Price, Founder The parents in attendance had the pleasure of hearing how Founder, Travis Price of Halifax, Nova Scotia, overcame his struggles to conquer the incessant bullying he experienced throughout his life. His very moving talk reminds us to be there for our children finding ways to support them in whatever challenges them. His website has ideas for how to get involved or get help. Executive Report/Old Business – Katherine Robertson In the interest of getting attendees home safely in the accumulating snow, we ended our meeting after Travis’s presentation. 3. Next Meeting – Monday, March 31, 2014​​​​​​ 4. Meeting Adjourned​​​​​​​ 8:30 pm Thank you all for participating. Please join us next month and bring a friend! NOTES FROM THE CHAIR: • Connect! – – email your events to be published. • Communicate! – Email or​ • Follow us on o Facebook : Burnaby District Parent Advisory Council o Twitter : Burnaby DPAC • Please bring your coffee mug or water cup. DPAC Objectives: 1. To serve as an advisory group to the School Board. 2. To assist in decision-making with regard to school district programs, policies and practices through information, input and recommendations. 3. To provide a formal process for the Superintendent and district staff to receive input and feedback regarding district programs and operations. 4. To act as a liaison between the School Board and the community. 5. To provide parent representatives with information on educational programs, operations and issues. 6. To provide a mechanism for local parent/school groups to share and discuss educational issues and communicate with other parent groups.

Agenda for the October 28 2013 General Meeting

1.         Welcome and Introductions                                     7:00 – 7:10


2.         District Presentation: Community Schools                7:10 – 7:40

Presented by:

  • Gina Niccoli-Moen, Deputy Superintendent
  • Peter Dubinsky, Director of Instruction
  • Dave Rawnsley, Principal Byrne Creek


3.         Break                                                                       7:40 – 7:50


4.         Chair Report                                                               7:50 – 8:05


5.         Correspondence/Committee Reports                         8:05 – 8:30


6.         New Business/Q & A/Show & Tell                            8:30 – 9:00

Ministry of Education New Curriculum Site Is Now Live

A note was sent out to DPAC from the District, we wanted to publicize is here as well:


We are pleased to advise you that draft redesigned curricula for several areas are now available for review.  See:

More curricular areas will be added as they are available.  Functionality will be added to this website over time as well (e.g., viewing big ideas by grade; adding instructional examples).

We look forward to feedback from the educational community.  More information will be forthcoming regarding a variety of field review processes.

There is much more to come on curriculum, assessment, communicating student learning and graduation requirements, but you will see developments in these areas as the year progresses.

Thank you in advance for sharing this information widely in your districts and for leading these transformation efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.


Rod Allen, Superintendent of Learning and Achievement

Learning Division, Ministry of Education

All Day Kindergarten Survey

The survey is now closed.  Thanks for submitting.



The provincial government announced in the 2009 Speech from the Throne, that all-day Kindergarten will be made available to all BC 5-year olds.  Access to all-day K will be phased in over two years.  For September 2010, 50% of Kindergarten classes in the province will be delivered in an all-day format rather the current half-day model.