PAC 101 and PAC Finances Workshops

Thank you for making our PAC 101 and PAC Finances workshops another success!  We had over 130 attendees who visited 14 Vendors and sampled culinary offerings from Burnaby Central’s ACE-it Chef’s Training program.

The presentations and handouts are available here:

2015-10-06 PAC Finances

2015-10-06 PAC 101

models of decision making


“Innovative Ways of Communicating Student Learning” – June 3rd Presentation

At the PAC Executive and SPC Year End event on June 3, 2015, Assistant Superintendents Heather Hart and Wanda Mitchell, along with members of the staff development team, shared examples of innovative ways of communicating student learning in Burnaby schools.

A copy of their presentation can be found here:  June 3 Presentation

May 2015 Minutes

DPAC 25-05-2015 General Meeting Notes


Burnaby Central Secondary School
6011 Deer Lake Parkway
Burnaby, B.C.
DATE: May 25, 2015
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Schools Attending:

Brentwood North:  Alpha, Buranby North, Kitchener, Capitol Hill, Montecito, Westridge

Cariboo Lougheed:      Burnaby Mountain, Cariboo Hill, Armstrong, Lyndhurst, Stoney Creek, Twelfth Avenue

Central West:         Burnaby Central, Moscrop, Brantford, Cascade Heights, Chaffey-Burke, Gilpin, Inman, Lakeview

Kingsway South:          Burnaby South, Byrne Creek, Edmonds

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April 2015 Minutes

DPAC 13-04-2015 General Meeting Notes


Burnaby Central Secondary School
6011 Deer Lake Parkway
Burnaby, B.C.
DATE: April 13, 2015
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Schools Attending:

Brentwood North:  Alpha, Aubrey, Montecito, Parkcrest, Westridge
Cariboo Lougheed:  Burnaby Mountain, Cameron, Stoney Creek, University Highlands
Central West:  Burnaby Central, Douglas Road, Morley, Moscrop, Cascade Heights, Chaffey-Burke
Kingsway South:  Burnaby South, Edmonds

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SD41 Budget Parent Survey

The Burnaby DPAC (District parent Advisory Council) is conducting a survey on potential cuts to the SD41 Burnaby School District budget for 2015/16. Deadline for the survey is April 20 midnight, and survey results will be used by DPAC to advise the District on parent and PAC priorities.

We invite all Burnaby parents and residents to take the survey HERE.
The Burnaby School District is facing a $2.4 million shortfall in the 2015/16 school year if the status quo budget is followed. In other words, if nothing were to change in the running of the district (and staffing, support and service levels from this year were to continue), the district would face a $2.4 million deficit. By law, school districts must submit a balanced budget to the province, and the Burnaby School District has prepared a draft of potential budget adjustments and is looking for DPAC, PAC and parent input before the final is approved.
Included in the total shortfall is $1.2 million in administrative savings (Burnaby’s portion of $23 million administrative efficiencies announced in the Provincial Budget). These savings must be on-going and sustainable, must be confined to non-instructional budgets and cannot have direct impact on the classroom.
Other budget adjustments that have been put forward by district staff include reductions to Librarian time at elementary and secondary and reductions to Distributed learning and Continuing Education staffing allocations.

February 2015 Minutes

DPAC 23-02-2015 General Meeting Minutes


Burnaby Central Secondary School
6011 Deer Lake Parkway
Burnaby, B.C.
DATE: February 23, 2015
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Schools Attending:

Brentwood North:  Alpha, Gilmore, Burnaby North, Aubrey, Capitol Hill, Montecito, Westridge
Cariboo Lougheed:  Burnaby Mountain, Cameron, Lyndhurst, Stoney Creek, University Highlands, Cariboo Hill, Armstrong
Central West:  Burnaby Central, Brantford, Douglas Road, Gilpin, Lakeview, Moscrop, Cascade Heights, Chaffey-Burke, Inman, Marlborough
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Parent Information Evening – Taskforce on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth, April 22

Presentation from the Taskforce on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth, April 22

Learn how to keep your kids safe and avoid exploitation, including online and sexual. At this workshop, you’ll hear stories of youth who have experienced these issues and also have a chance to connect with local prevention experts.

This workshop is being hosted in partnership with the Burnaby-New Westminster Taskforce on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth, and is taking place Wednesday, April 22 at Burnaby Central Secondary School at 7 PM.

Please register in advance to attend this event.

Parent Information Evening – Response to Intervention, March 30

Response to Intervention – Meeting the Diverse needs of all Learners
Burnaby School District is moving toward a unified system of education that provides a framework for meeting the needs of each learner. A unified system of education creates a well-integrated system of instruction and intervention guided by student outcome data.

Deborah Simak, Director of Instruction, will familiarize parents with Response to Intervention (RTI), a
multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning or behavior needs. Deborah will introduce the research behind RTI and look at why districts across the province are moving to this systematic and data-driven approach.

Deborah will explain how RTI is integral to the Burnaby School District’s Framework for Meeting the Needs of Each Learner, and how this framework is used to support the diverse needs of students with examples from Burnaby schools practicing RTI today.

Eventbrite - (2015) Response to Intervention

Parent Information Evening – Fostering Independence

Registration is now open for the March 25 PIE – Fostering independence.

Elizabeth Gardner, District Vice Principal-Learning Support Services will share focused work the Burnaby School District is doing with Learning Support Teachers, EAs and classroom teachers to assess, teach and develop independence so that our students with special needs can spend the majority of their time focusing on learning and social life within the classroom and school.

The presentation will cover:

  • Why independence is so critical.
  • How we identify the skills needed for our students/children to become more independent.
  • How we teach those skills.
  • How we fade supports so that the student/child is able to do things without adult support.
  • What parents do at home to support developing independence.

Eventbrite - (2015) Fostering Independence