DPAC presentation on the Vancouver Island Parent Conference

Burnaby DPAC Executive members Jocelyn Schonekess and Kristin Schnider attended the Vancouver Island Parent Conference on February 27 at Royal Bay Secondary School in Victoria.

They provided a summary of the workshops and presentations they attended during the conference at the February 29 Burnaby DPAC General meeting. Here is a copy of their presentation.

VIPC 2016

For more information on the Vancouver Island Parent Conference, please visit http://www.vipc.ca/ 

Next PIE Coming Up Soon. Taking Social Emotional Learning Home

Presented by Suzanne Vardy

What do you already do, and what can you add, to develop and encourage social emotional skills with your children at home? This session will help make explicit what you are already doing at home to support and refine your child(ren)’s SEL skills. We will also discuss other ways to build on what you already do. Parental resources, such as websites and blogs, will also be shared.

Accountability Framework Presentation Handouts

On November 30, Dean Goodman, Director-Accountability, Ministry of Education presented to at the Burnaby DPAC General meeting on the changes to the Accountability Framework.     Below is the link to the handouts Dean Goodman provided.

Dean Goodman – Accountability Framework handouts