Next PIE Coming Up Soon. Taking Social Emotional Learning Home

Presented by Suzanne Vardy

What do you already do, and what can you add, to develop and encourage social emotional skills with your children at home? This session will help make explicit what you are already doing at home to support and refine your child(ren)’s SEL skills. We will also discuss other ways to build on what you already do. Parental resources, such as websites and blogs, will also be shared.

Accountability Framework Presentation Handouts

On November 30, Dean Goodman, Director-Accountability, Ministry of Education presented to at the Burnaby DPAC General meeting on the changes to the Accountability Framework.     Below is the link to the handouts Dean Goodman provided.

Dean Goodman – Accountability Framework handouts

Dean Goodman from Ministry to Present at DPAC Meeting Nov 30

DPAC Reps,

Due to the issues with district email, we are posting the agenda for Monday’s meeting here:  2015-11 Agenda General.

Dean Goodman, Director-Accountability, Ministry of Education will present on the changes to the Accountability Framework.  After the presentation, Heather Hart, Assistant Superintendent will discuss what will be happening this transition year and the timelines and parameters that will guide planning of the the new school planning process at the district level.  We will be having table top discussion to provide parent input as to be used to help inform the district framework.

Please invite your current and last year’s SPC members to attend this meeting if they are interested.


Curriculum Redesign FAQ

With the new K-9 curriculum being used in some classrooms this year and full implementation scheduled for the 2016/17 school year, parents are asking why and how the BC curriculum is changing.

The new curriculum will support the development of skills students need to be successful after graduation such as critical thinking and communication skills.  The new curriculum will have more emphasis on concepts, competencies and processes.

 Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation on Changing Education Paradigms is an excellent video that explores why education systems around the world should be revamped to fit our modern world and to better meet the needs of students.  The Video is available here.

The BC Ministry of Education has produced a FAQ that explains some common questions regarding the new curriculum and is available here: Curriculum Redesign FAQ

The Ministry has also produced a presentation that explains what will change and what will stay the same for each curriculum subject area.  The presentation is available here.


September 2015 Minutes

DPAC 28-09-2015 General Meeting Notes


Burnaby Central Secondary School
6011 Deer Lake Parkway
Burnaby, B.C.
DATE: September 28, 2015
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Schools Attending:

Brentwood North: Alpha, Confederation Park, Kitchener, Burnaby North, Aubrey, Capitol Hill, Lochdale Community, Parkcrest, Sperling, Westridge
Cariboo Lougheed: Burnaby Mountain, Cameron, Lyndhurst, Seaforth, Stoney Creek, Armstrong, Twelfth Avenue
Central West: Burnaby Central, Brantford, Buckingham, Douglas Road, Lakeview, Morley, Moscrop, Cascade Heights, Inman, Marlborough
Kingsway South: Burnaby South, Glenwood, Maywood Community, Nelson, Suncrest, Byrne Creek, Taylor Park Continue reading

PAC 101 and PAC Finances Workshops

Thank you for making our PAC 101 and PAC Finances workshops another success!  We had over 130 attendees who visited 14 Vendors and sampled culinary offerings from Burnaby Central’s ACE-it Chef’s Training program.

The presentations and handouts are available here:

2015-10-06 PAC Finances

2015-10-06 PAC 101

models of decision making