Monthly Archives: February 2018

School District Presentation to DPAC – February 19

Below please find a link to the School District presentation given at the February 19 DPAC General meeting regarding:

  • the School District Long Range Facility Plan,
  • the Budget Update on the 2017/18 Amended Budget and Preliminary Process for the 2018/19 Budget, and
  • an update on the Custodial Services Review.

DPAC Presentation – Feb 2018

Letter to the Ministers on 2018 Provincial Education Funding

As agreed at the January DPAC General meeting, a letter was drafted to the Ministers of Finance and Education regarding the recommendations from the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, with particular focus on the recommendations regarding funding for K-12 education in BC.

A copy of the letter sent is available here: Letter the Ministers on 2018 Provincial Education Funding