2018 BCCPAC AGM Proxies

As you know BCCPAC is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) this May 5 and 6 at the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond. At the AGM members will debate and vote on resolutions that advocate for change to BC’s public education system and/or give direction to the BCCPAC Board of Directors in their work as the representatives for PACs and DPACs at the provincial level.

If your PAC is not sending a delegate to the AGM this May, please be sure to submit a completed Proxy form and (voting instructions) to the Burnaby DPAC executive so we are able to vote on your behalf. We anticipate that a couple of our DPAC executive members will be attending and will be able to hold a Proxy for your PAC. Thus far, DPAC Secretary Jocelyn Schonekess has confirmed her attendance at the AGM. (While DPAC Vice Chair Jen Mezei is also attending the AGM, she is not able to hold any proxy forms as she will be chairing the AGM.) As other DPAC Executives’ attendance is confirmed, we will let you know.

Here is the link to the BCCPAC AGM Resolution booklet and the Proxy forms and the Voting Instruction Forms:


BCCPAC_Proxy-Vote-Form_Members_2018 BCCPAC-2018-Nomination-Resolution-Book_March-20-2018

Please return your signed Proxy form via email (info@burnabydpac.com) no later than Tuesday, May 1. If you only list one DPAC executive member on your proxy form, it is recommended that if you do NOT check the box on the proxy form that indicates that “you do not wish to authorize a transfer.” That way, if the DPAC Executive member listed is unable to attend or has to leave early, your proxy and voting instructions can be reassigned to another Burnaby parent in attendance.

Based on the BCCPAC website, below is list of BCCPAC member PACs from the Burnaby School District who are eligible to vote at the 2018 AGM:

* Armstrong Elementary (Ecole)
* Brentwood Park Elementary
* Buckingham Elementary
* Burnaby Central Secondary
* Burnaby Mountain Secondary
* Burnaby North Secondary
* Burnaby South Secondary
* Byrne Creek Secondary
* Cameron Elementary
* Capitol Hill Elementary (Ecole)
* Cariboo Hill Secondary (Ecole)
* Confederation Park Elementary
* Douglas Road Elementary
* Gilmore Community School
* Gilpin Elementary
* Glenwood Elementary
* Inman Elementary (Ecole)
* Lochdale Community School
* Moscrop Secondary
* Nelson Elementary
* Seaforth Elementary (Ecole)
* Second Street Community
* Stoney Creek Elementary
* Twelfth Avenue Elementary
* University Highlands Elementary

If you have any questions on the BCCPAC AGM or regarding proxies, please contact the DPAC Executive at info@burnabydpac.com.

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