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Exploring the NEW K-9 Curriculum

How will the NEW Curriculum affect what your child is taught, and how your child will learn? Will your child learn the skills he/she will need to be successful in the 21st Century?

The redesigned curriculum will transform the BC Education system as we move towards deeper learning and cross-curricular competencies such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication and Social and Personal Responsibility.

Exploring the NEW K-9 Curriculum – Burnaby Central, Nov 27, 7 pm

Maureen Dockendorf – Ministry of Education – Superintendent of Reading
Kevin Kaardal – Superintendent – SD 41 Burnaby

The Burnaby DPAC is pleased to provide parents of SD41 an opportunity to learn more about the redesigned K-9 curriculum and the competencies that have been interwoven into all subject areas. Maureen Dockendorf and Kevin Kaardal will give an outline of the new curriculum framework and explain how these changes will affect our students in Burnaby.

Registration is available here.

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