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What is DPAC?

The School Act (Province of British Columbia) defines the responsibilities and authority of the DPAC as an advisory and advocacy council. It may make recommendations to the School Board through the School Board’s officials or by representation, and provide the School Board with information to assist in decision- making.


The Burnaby District Parent Advisory Council, known as the Burnaby DPAC,  was formed to represent the interests of Burnaby parents in the public education system.  The Burnaby DPAC is guided by a Constitution, and meets the last Monday of each month.  Please note: there are no meetings in Dec, Jun, Jul or Aug.


DPAC is the recognized voice of parents at the district level, and is made up of representatives from each PAC in Burnaby School District #41.  These school reps act as a liaison between their school PAC and DPAC, representing the views and interests of their PAC.


Burnaby DPAC’s focus for this year include:

  1. Supporting parent education
  2. Facilitating sharing of resources, knowledge and experience between PACs and parents
  3. Fostering positive relationships between trustees and PACs
  4. Providing meaningful input to the district regarding parents’ concerns and questions

The Burnaby DPAC executive for the 2012-13 school year are:

Chair:           Jen Mezei    

Vice-Chair:   Dave Dye

Secretary:    Katherine Robertson

Treasurer:    Janet Reid

Members at Large:  Gjoa Andrichuk, Jocelyn Schonekess, Herman Louie & Victoria Brenden

Vacancies: please contact